Please obey all these rules to join


Double-Clanning will not be tolerated in FallingClan. If you join us, we expect your allegiance to lie with us. If you are spotted double-grouping, or accused, you will be exiled on the spot.


Rouge names are permitted in FallingClan, but not suggested. It's ideal to use warrior names, but use realistic names. (For example: warrior names cannot be something that cats realistically don't know about, like Arrowpelt)


Powerplaying is not permitted in FallingClan. Be realistic with your roleplay; don't use unrealistic moves or 'powers'. Do not use 'NN', 'NM', or anything of that sort.

Per Intruders

If intruders are spotted in FallingClan territory, speak before you attack. Question them on their allegiance and purpose. If they refuse to leave, look to your leader for further actions.

Respect your Superior

Both your leader and deputy are to be treated with the utmost respect. Disrespect will not be tolerated, and will most likely event in punishment.


When roleplay sessions are active, please refrain from silliness. Do not disrupt those who are roleplaying, and follow the plotline accordingly.

Leaving the Clan

Once you leave FallingClan, you may only return once more. If you caused issues in your time here, however, you will not be welcomed back. Remember FallingClan is not a hotel; do not join to leave in a day or two.

Rules for Apprentices and Kits

1) Apprentices must have three training sessions completed and permission from their mentor before they can graduate.

2) Apprentices and kits cannot have mates.

3) Apprentices can only leave camp when accompanied by a warrior.

4) Kits cannot leave camp until they are older than three moons.

4) Kits must reach six moons before they become apprentices. (Two weeks)