Falling clan

You wander along the Forest. You think to yourself, how could I have gotten lost? You carefully walk among the forest floor. Your paw pads mush under the mud. As you pad through the forest, you are introduced to new smells and noises that you have never heard before. You smile listening to the birds chirping. You continue walking and see many, many tree. You stop when you hear a noise. Then you notice its your stomach, you roll your eyes.

You raise your head, sniffing the air. You twitch your ears, listening for prey. 

You lower your head and narrow your eyes. A hare jumps out of the bushes. You instantly crouch and unsheath your claws. You lunge at the hare. Then suddenly two cats jump out of the bushes. Your heart stops and you hold your breath. A  large brown tom and  a grey shecat walk out of a large bush. The large brown tom leaps on the hare, not seeing you. You knock into him. He slashes your side on accident. Then the large tom lands on his feet, while you fall to the ground. The hare dashes for a hole.

The Grey feline snarls and unsheathes her claws. "Who are you? What are you doing in Fallingclan territory?"

You lunge at the shecat. You misunderstood her strength. She instantly dodges your attack and knocks you to the forest floor. She places both of her front paws on your face. You are pinned down.

"Ugh.." You grunt.

He slightly growls. The Grey feline keeps you pinned down. Then after a few moments lets you up. You instantly jump up and growl. The Brown tom introduces himself, his voice is strong and gentle, 

"I am Thunderstar, leader of Fallingclan. What are you doing here?"

"I'm lost... I was traveling to find shelter and a good place to camp out..... Maybe even a clan.."

"If you're lost, we will help you."

The Grey she cat glances at you, her blue eyes narrowing, then you see in her eyes that there is deep pain and sorrow. You take a deep breath, 

" I'm sorry for attacking you... I just wanted that hare."

Your belly growls and you shrink back. She grins at you, her voice is  slightly stern, yet kind,

"I'm Greystar, co-leader of Fallingclan.  You have some fighting ability, that's always welcomed to Fallingclan....."

"I would like to join your clan... If you would let me."

They both nod. "yes we will let you."

Thunderstar smiles brightly at you. You feel sudden comfort.

"My name is, _______"

"Welcome to Fallingclan, ________"


Founder Bluestar (Bluesight)
Current Leaders Thunderstar and Greystar
Founding Date 9/23/16
Status/Members  Active. 46 Members
Species Felis Catus
Orientation Light
Theme Song Don't let me down


Skull Helmets, Spring Flower Crowns Spiked Collars, Leaf Necklace & Fang Necklace Spartan Armor, Elf Armor & Jamaaliday Bow Elf Bracelets, Legendary Gloves & Leaf Bracelets Nothing

Fox Hats,Raccoon Hat, Etc. Jamaaliday Scarf, Moon Necklace & Chain Necklace Rare and Non Rare Bow, Worns & Pirate Sword Gloves & Freedom Bands Elf Armour

                                                              Warriors, Apprentices,and Queens





Double-Clanning will not be tolerated in FallingClan. If you join us, we expect your allegiance to lie with us. If you are spotted double-grouping, or accused, you will be exiled on the spot.


Rouge names are permitted in FallingClan, but not suggested. It's ideal to use warrior names, but use realistic names. (For example: warrior names cannot be something that cats realistically don't know about, like arrowpelt)


Powerplaying is not permitted in FallingClan. Be realistic with your roleplay; don't use unrealistic moves or 'powers'. Do not use 'NN', 'NM', or anything of that sort.

Per Intruders

If intruders are spotted in FallingClan territory, speak before you attack. Question them on their allegiance and purpose. If they refuse to leave, look to your leader for further actions.

Respect your Superiors

Both your leader and deputy are to be treated with the utmost respect. Disrespect will not be tolerated, and will most likely event in punishment.


When roleplay sessions are active, please refrain from silliness. Do not disrupt those who are roleplaying, and follow the plot line accordingly.

Leaving the Clan

Once you leave FallingClan, you may only return once more. If you caused issues in your time here, however, you will not be welcomed back. Remember FallingClan is not a hotel; do not join to leave in a day or two.

Unwanted Drama

Any unwanted drama, will result in a punishment. Fallingclan does NOT want unwanted drama, this means, don't talk with wolves. Don't kill your OC Without permission from the leader. Not from another warrior, but the leader.

Disrespecting enemies/allies

If Another group reports a Fallingclan member, disrespecting or annoying them, they will be  demoted. There is no bad talk about other groups, even if they are disrespect Fallingclan.

Rules for Apprentices and Kits

1) Apprentices must have three training sessions completed and permission from their mentor before they can graduate.

2) Apprentices and kits cannot have mates.

3) Apprentices can only leave camp when accompanied by a warrior.

4) Kits cannot leave camp until they are older than three moons and there mothers are with them.

4) Kits must reach six moons before they can become apprentices. (Two weeks)




Extra hunting/patrolling

Eating last

Sleeping outside of Camp/den

Tending to elders

Changing bedding/nests

Treated like a kit

Temperarly  Demoted

Postponed ceremony

Torn ear/ shredded Tail

suspended from page/roleplaying



Chased out of camp with tooth and claw


(Only if you betray, harm, or anything awful to our clan. Also killing another cat and starting war, etc.)


Leader (x1)

The  Leader is the highest in the clan. They lead the clan, they make the decisions and the plans for the clan. They are treated with the highest respect.They are given 9 lives when they become a leader. They will protect the clan with there lives. 

High respect is given, if disobeyed, severe punishments will be given.

Deputy (x1)

The Deputy is the second  in command over the clan. They  normally send patrols and monitor members. When the the  Leader dies or steps down, the Deputy will gain that rank, and a new Deputy will be appointed before the moon rise.

High respect is given, if disobeyed, punishments will be given.

Medicine cat (x4)

The medics are the cat who heal the clan using herbs. The medics will never participate in battle. They help any cat that is sick. They also help out the queens who nurse or are expecting kits. The medics are in touch with StarClan and StarClan gives them omens, which help out the clan. They are the cats who save our clan.

Respect will be given to them, or severe punishments will be given.

Medicine Cat Apprentice  (x2)

The Medic Apprentice helps the medic with healing other cats, and collecting herbs and resources. They will never participate in battle, but they will be taught training moves. They become medicine cat when the medicine cat thinks they are ready.

Respect will be given, or minor punishment will be given.

Elite Warriors (x Unlimited))

The elites are very skillful warriors. They are fast, strong, smart. They are higher than the warrior because they are senior warrior and are more skillful.  They fight in wars and battles under the leader's command.   They are highly trusted and are very loyal.

Respect will be given, or serve punishments will be given.

Warrior (x Unlimited)

Warriors are the battle and hunting  cats of the clan. They hunt and fight for the clan and will risk their lives for it. They are lower than elites since they are new and/or not as skilled as elites. They mentor the apprentices when the leader says so. When they become skilled enough and trusted, they will become elites, if spots are open.

Respect will be given, or punishments will be given.

Apprentice (xUnlimited)

Apprentices are the cats over six moons who are in training to become a warrior. They are taken by a warrior or an elite to be trained which is called their mentor. They are trained to hunt and fight. When the leaders and their mentor think it is time for them to become a warrior, they will have a naming ceremony. They help collect herbs, get moss, and will eat after the clan has eaten.

Respect will be given, some expectations may very, or servre punishments, for those who are lower.

Queen (x5)

The Queens are the nursing mothers of the clan. They give birth to the kits, who will become warriors. They are very loved and give birth to the kits and nurse them till they are six moons old. Then they become apprentices. Queens will return to the role they where in before, or they can become a permanent Queen.

Much respect is given, punishments will be given.


Leader & Deputy & Co-deputy

Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice Rank
Thunderstar Redskinsfan98 M Bluesight Oakpaw Leader
Greysky Smart4ever0 F None Ravenpaw Deputy
Shyspirit Griffiness M Fireheart Wildpaw Co-Deputy

Elite warriors

Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Bluesight Nobleblue F Thunderstar Spottedpaw
Stormpelt ellak13 F None Hollypaw
- - - - -

Medecine cats

(Not Accepting)

Name Username Gender Apprentice
Gingerpelt Cheetagirl555 F None
Blackpool jensens04 F Hazlepaw

Medicie cat Apprentices

(Not Accepting)

Name Username Gender Mentor
Hazelpaw et123et123 F Blackpool
- - - -


Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Pebbleslip pantheraunicia M Sunpelt Unknown
Darktail howler285 F None Jawpaw
Tigerpelt Lovebird45370 M None Mosspaw
Fireheart Firespark84  F  Shyspirit Linxpaw
Splashtail pomkin5210  F Shadowfang None
Spiritpelt Sab54 F None Frostpaw
Shadowfang speed08166 M Splashtail None
Oakpelt Jangles F None Lynxpaw
Sunpelt fdfddd F Pebbleslip Wishpaw
Spiritmoon Goldencookie27 F None Ivypaw
Shymoon theghost49 M None None
Shadowclaw stampylongnose2245 F None Eaglepaw
darkcloud eggz2468 M None None
SilentNight Toptastic F None None
GoldenHeart wolf62549 F None None
Fireclaw Jammer5ryd4 M None Runepaw


Name Username Gender Mentor
Ravenpaw Bananabus17 F Greystar
Hollypaw chloer456 F Stormpelt
Jaypaw Facee F Darktail
Wishpaw Bunnymeez F Sunpelt
Wildpaw B1ackbear M Shyspirit
Frostpaw derpy85 F Spiritpelt
Mosspaw floppo5656 F Tigerpelt
Spottedpaw Warriorspottedtail   M Bluesight
Eaglepaw drupey26 M Shadowclaw
Lynxpaw Tiger70590 F Oakpelt
Runepaw Next2Heaven1 F Fireclaw
Oakpaw Bluestaryay F Thunderstar
Ivypaw Jussica123 F Spiritmoon


Name Username Mate
Open! Open! Open!


Name Username Parents
Dawnkit LaineyH  None
Spiderkit Yorkies5952 None
Fawnkit Snowywolf698 None
Blazekit Bye1611 Unknown


Training Hollows


File:London Forest.jpg
     When you first enter this den/territory, you will find a massive banyan tree and a waterfall. Then,  when you walk up the "hill" (stairs), There is a sparring cage, waterfall, and trees. This is the fighting area. Then when you walk out of the beginning you will find grass and cherry blossom and seasonal trees everywhere. If you walk further, you find a large pond.

This den/territory has many cherry blossom trees and lots of food, such as mice, squirrels, voles, and birds. There is no rabbits due to the environment. There are also no rouges. Any cat is welocmed here, except kits.

Water Territory


File:Water Territory.jpg
When you enter this territory you can see plants surrounding a small lake area. Then a fallen tree lays to cross the lake area then cherry tress are all around small ponds are there also. Then downhill (Down the stairs) There alot of plants,huge tree,and a pond. Then uphill there is alot of plants and ponds.Then uphill (Up 2 sets of stairs) There alot of plants and some ponds. And lastly uphill (Up stairs) Has about 3 ponds in it. It is the highest veiw. Animals such as Mice,Birds.and Fish can be found here. Any cat older than 6 moons can go here. It is a great hunting spot for fish also. Beware for snakes in the tall grass.

Dry Lands








Group Name Leader Leaders User Deputy Server Number Count
Faunaclan Sandstar Roleplayforever72405 Darkpuddle Zambezi 17
Carnationclan NIghtstar PreyHuntress Jupiterstripe Zambezi 44
Sableclan Jadestar Jazzbert Mothscar Zambezi 37





Longwind Ramu, Drava 50


"Kittens dont have to do roleplays and Medicine cat Rank is closed"

Joining Form

Name -

Username -

Past clans(or groups)-

Gender -


Appearance (Pelt/Eye Color) -

Breed -


Theme song-

Desired Rank -

Fighting Example-

Hunting example-

Medic example (Only if Medic cat)-

Why you want to join fallingclan-

Loyalty Promise -

Alliance Application

Group Name -

Leader(s) Name -

Leader(s) Username -

Orientation -

Member Count -

How You Will Benefit -

How We Will Benefit -


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Greysky and Bluesight

Editiors Bluesight, Greysky, Thunderstar