Warrior-cats-o (1)
Battle moves:

* Curling Caterpillar: This is the Curling Caterpillar move. All you have to do is when your pin, wrapped around the enemy legs, causing them to fall.

* Underbelly Surprise: This move is the Underbelly Surprise. How to do so is you run under the enemy belly, turn onto your back and rake your claws at the cat stomach. You could also kick your legs at the enemy hind legs to make them fall.

*Kicking off: This move is a common move. All you need to do is when a cat pounced onto your back, kick them off like a wild bull!

*Throwing Against: When your enemy is lying onto the ground but still alive, grab them with your jaw and fling them into something.

Playing Dead: When your lying on the ground, about to lose, play dead. When the enemy let go of you, jump up to your paws and pounce on them, then claw at them in the stomach or eyes.

Death Berries: This is a hard move. All you need to do is be prepare for a battle by hiding death berries in your tail, when you pin your enemy down, grab the death berries and place it into there mouth, make sure they don't spit it out!

Climb run and pounce!: This move is simple. When you are on your paws, claw up a tree and stand on a branch. Then leap down from it onto the enemy, it should pin them!

Death clawing: This is a hard move, you need to get this at the right time. All you need to do is claw at the enemy stomach still crimson flows everywhere.

Windpipe bite: Simple, just pin the enemy down and bite down into their wind pipe, it should end them by it.

Running circles: This move is where you run around the enemy, this should confuse them. Watch out if they decide to put a paw in front of you!

Battle moves by: Oakpaw

Does saying "she bit her wind-pipe, ending her" powerplaying?: No, it does count as powerplaying if you dont describe more. Some people mistake for Powerplaying, and I have too, but most advance roleplayers use this commen word, some Fallingclan members beside myself uses it as well.
Is side-stepping Power playing?: Not at all! Its a discreptive type of dodge that counts as fair. I use to question about this.
Is digging into the windpipe more then three times powerplaying?: Well im not sure, to some it is, to some its not. But if its more then three times, all I could say is that cat/wolf should have been ended already.